Electrical Controls & Instrumentation (EC&I)

SCX Special Projects’ in-house EC&I department designs complex electrical, control and instrumentation systems to safely control and/or automate all our specialist cranes and bespoke handling solutions.

WimbledonSCX Special Projects works with a vast range of clients, from the MoD to sports and entertainment venues such as Wimbledon, but predominantly in the high-risk, safety-led nuclear industry, on both decommissioning and live sites. All our handling solutions are designed to improve the safety and efficiency of our clients’ operations and at the heart of this focus are the safe, reliable and maintainable control systems engineered by our in-house EC&I department.

The majority of our solutions involve positioning systems, and our EC&I department is able to create a wide range of control systems; from the modification and upgrade of commercial off-the-shelf crane controls, through the synchronisation of thousands of separate components to create retractable roof systems, to the creation of independent Nuclear Protection Systems (NPS) to meet the safety functional requirements of the nuclear industry.



Safety VennEmphasis on Safety

Safety is our predominant focus, with risk assessments driving all our designs. Whilst our standard controls provide all the necessary protection systems for the majority of handling solutions, they can be enhanced with machine safety systems and/or functional safety critical systems to create a superior design solution.

semi-automatic nuclear craneThe high-risk demands of the nuclear industry require robust safety protection systems that go far beyond the remit of traditional controls, and SCX Special Projects EC&I team have the knowledge and experience to analyse your requirements, then design and install the best safety features for your needs. For example, primary and secondary standby control systems, or back-up safety recovery solutions to return nuclear cranes to their maintenance zones in the event of a failure inside the containment area.

SCX Special Projects has in-house TUV-certified functional safety engineering capabilities and can produce all the necessary safety critical design documentation, safety reliability and statistical calculations to minimise risk around high-integrity operations such as on Class 1 cranes. To date, SCX Special Projects has designed control systems up to SIL3 (safety integrity level 3).

As well as ensuring we utilise only Suitably Qualified & Experienced Persons (SQEP) on our projects, our commitment to continuous personnel development ensures that all our employees have the knowledge, skills and desire to do the best possible job for our clients. This includes project-specific training requested by clients, for example site-specific safety training.

Our design engineers work closely with all other functions throughout the project life cycle, from project management to fabrication, installation and commissioning engineers, in order to maximise system integration and understanding, thereby optimising our capability to provide follow-up maintenance services.

Control station EC&I team


EC&I and mechanical integration

Used by both our EC&I and mechanical fabrication teams, SCX Special Projects’ vast Assembly & Test Facilities enables us to manufacture our designs and provide the full turnkey solution.

Because our EC&I team works closely alongside the project management and mechanical engineers on all SCX Special Projects solutions, throughout all stages of a project, we can guarantee complete EC&I and mechanical integration and continuity across the entire project life cycle:

  • Concept design and feasibility studies
  • Detailed design
  • Functional design specifications
  • Software design specifications
  • Design risk assessments
  • Safety reliability calculations
  • System manufacture and testing, both FAT and SAT
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Ongoing service, maintenance and upgrade or repair work


The emphasis on high reliability and safe operation flows through into everything else we do, meaning that controls safety considerations are paramount when we design handling systems for any industry.

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