Defence and Aerospace Cranes

The requirement for precision is fundamental to the handing of munitions or delicate aeroplane components. With accuracy, efficiency and reliability paramount in all SCX Special Projects’ work, rigorous standards and high levels of innovation combine to produce specialist handling systems for the defence industry, compliant with stringent military standards.

The manufacture of military vehicles, aircraft, submarines and munitions often calls for bespoke handling equipment due to the irregular and delicate nature of the loads. SCX Special Projects can create bespoke solutions to precisely handle even the most unusual or delicate articles, even in extreme environmental conditions, all tailored to your exact requirements.


Click here to watch the video on YoutubeBuilding F-35 Jets: SCX Special Projects supplied
the automated crane system within the integrated
assembly line shown in this video.

Rendering of gantry crane for HMS Queen Elizabeth II

Wing rig SAT








From aircraft carrier cranes, to bespoke handling equipment to undertake a complex part of the manufacturing process, the attention to detail that goes into every one of our projects means that you can trust SCX Special Projects to create not only a fully reliable, robust solution, but one that is tailored to your every need.



Rack and pinion


Crane systems for aircraft carriers and other marine vessels require specific safety features such as anti-tip brackets and mechanical storm anchors, as well as rack and pinion drive systems to overcome displacement from sea motion or LPD tilt. SCX Special Projects will also incorporate back-up recovery systems, precise positioning, advanced fail-safe hoist braking systems, marine environment protection, automation of complex manoeuvers or even entire systems, or any number of additional features, tailored specifically to the requirements of your application.

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